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The IDU Advanced Consolidations Module automates the consolidation of complex groups with multiple year ends, multiple currencies and multiple ERP systems with a slice and dice approach to reporting. 


While retaining the structure, control and validation needed in a financial reporting tool, the module is designed to provide the flexibility required for our tool to work in your business, no matter the size or unique reporting requirements.


It is an easy-to-use, cost effective platform that eliminates the reliance on spreadsheets, saving time and improving the decision-making process.

IDU Advanced Consolidations

Key Features

  • Various Report Types

  • Multiple Year Ends

  • Multi Currency Functionality

  • NCI and FCTR Proofs

  • Segmental Reporting

  • KPI Measurement and Management

  • Cloud Base

  • Ideal for all types of Entities

  • Review Workflow

  • Intercompany Reconciliation

Ready to get started?

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