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Simple, fast, agile and award-winning Corporate Performance Management created by accountants but easily understood by non-financial managers.

Enable your business by creating a culture of ownership with IDU. Start at grass-roots level by building an inclusive vision of where your business should be and what it needs to get there. Timely and accurate financial information delivered at the level of individual departments in a format that makes sense to non-financial managers is an effective tool that provides a sense of ownership and ultimately some true accountability.

With IDU Budgeting, Reporting, Forecasting and Analytics non-financial managers are empowered to propose their own budgets, manage and adjust those budgets in real time, respond efficiently and effectively to changing conditions both within the organisation and in the marketplace.

IDU Budgeting and Forecasting

  • • Automates and shortens your budget process from months to weeks.
  • • Seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems.
  • • Empowers non-financial managers with easy-to-use budgeting and forecasting tools.
  • • Holds cost centre managers accountable for their budgeting and spending.
  • • Improves financial transparency across your organisation.
  • • Liberates your finance team to focus less on administration and more on strategy.

IDU Reporting and Analytics

  • • Real-time online access to information in a format that is easy to use and understood by both financial and non-financial managers.
  • • The drill-down system allows users to access data from the highest level down to individual cost centres.
  • • Built-in analytics capabilities.

Asset Management

  • • Facilitate and streamline the monitoring, verification and management of fixed assets.
  • • Accommodate multiple companies, asset books, cost centre and asset hierarchies.
  • • Interface directly with the fixed asset register to keep financial records up to date, and integrate with other modules to enhance performance management procedures.

Our Platforms

  • • Available as on premise or as a SaaS solution.
  • • Agile, scalable and efficient.
  • • Seamless data integration.
  • • Reduced IT costs.
  • • Access to automatic updates.
  • • Access to critical business information anywhere, anytime.

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