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Financial Consultation


Powerful financial management solutions for improved decision making and business agility

Powerful financial planning across the financial services sector

“The IDU implementation process ran very smoothly, one of the reasons for this was without doubt the great working relationship created between the IDU team and our finance team. They had a great understanding of our needs. Working together, the teams stayed on track throughout the implementation and stuck to their delivery dates..”

Gino Schoeman, Financial Manager - Sanlam Investments

"It is brilliant in this niche space, catering for all budgeting and forecasting needs a company may have. IDU keeps things simple and easy to use. It has been a very good experience, and quick to learn its unique features and capabilities."

Sivegan Naidoo, Operations Manager - Old Mutual

"The thing I like most about IDU is the ease with which I can see the high level results but then also have the ability to drill down to a GL level. Users are able to drill down to their actual expenses to keep track of spending. IDU-Concept reduces the turnaround time for the budget as well as assists with the ongoing monitoring of the budget. Users are also able to keep tabs on their own departments in detail without having to use up the finance departments time in responding to queries."

Clinton Martin, Financial Manager, Coronation Fund Managers

“The system is helping us drive business ownership of budgeting and reporting processes. The software has many levels of detailed functionality to deal with most budgeting and reporting scenarios.”

Grant Richardson, CFO, Maitland Fund Managers

Tools to take your organisation beyond budgeting

IDU is a leading budgeting, forecasting and reporting tool for the Financial Services Sector with data analytics capabilities able to dramatically reduce budgeting turn around times, reduce the reliance on spreadsheets and drive accountability throughout the organisation

A Named Leader in Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting

IDU-Concept has been named a leader in the budgeting and reporting category and a high performer in the Corporate Performance Management Categories of the G2 ™ Fall 2019 Report, as well as being named one of the top financial planning applications by Gartner®.

Financial tools to empower managers at all levels of your organisation

IDU-Concept is an online, real-time, web-based budgeting platform that allows for multiple managers to work on the budget simultaneously while using the same set of assumptions.

Free Up Your Finance Team for Strategy with IDU Financial Modelling

IDU-Concept makes it easy to keep your budgets, forecasts, “what-if” scenarios and reports in ONE place and accessible from anywhere, anytime! Manage, collect, and access real-time financial data from a single system to save time, ensure consistency, and enable more efficient decision-making.

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