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IDU-Concept’s Financial Modelling Module allows you to prepare for the future with “what-if” scenario planning: Define assumptions important for your business, link them to your accounts and departments and extrapolate up to five years into the future.


Once you have these multiple views of the future, the Financial Modelling module makes it easy for users to amend assumptions and even to overwrite values, so your organisation can test the impact of decisions far into the future. A restore to original function is included. Amendments are neatly captured and reported in the Administrator module.

Key Features

  • Get insights into the future of your business, month by month, for up to 5 years

  • Base your starting point on a detailed and approved budget or forecast

  • Define multiple assumptions, with good, bad and neutral variants

  • Apply single or multiple assumptions at department and account levels

  • Feed selected results back into IDU-Concept as comparative data sets to enable top down and bottom up budget reconciliation

  • Embedded PowerPivot and Power BI models

  • Assumptions can be linked to algorithmic extrapolations of the data

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