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Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

Good businesses are built on good budgets. IDU-Concept enables you to streamline your financial budgeting, forecasting and reporting so that financial managers are free to be more strategic, and the business can be more agile and responsive.  Increased visibility and transparency builds buy-in to, and ownership of, the budget.


By providing reliable access to defined and disclosed budgets, IDU-Concept allows financial and non-financial managers to be in control of their accounts at all times.  It enables non-financial managers to give you the figures you need easily, in a standardised format that can be rolled-up into a single version of the truth. Bypass the ineffective, time-consuming, and soul-destroying spreadsheet go-round, shaving weeks and months off the budget cycle in the process.

IDU offers multiple options to capture budgets ranging from standard accounts with spread factors, through itemised accounts to single and multiple driver based models, Capex, employee remuneration, Project budgeting and dynamic automated reallocations.

Key Features

  • Interfaces with all common ERPs

  • Multiple views of data

  • Online real-time aggregation of multiple structures

  • Accommodates various budget types

  • Administration rights owned by finance

  • Tight user security

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to manage

  • Quick to deploy

Financial Reporting

Deliver timely insights that support your business to achieve its goals. IDU-Concept’s reporting and analytics module offers high level, real-time access to critical business data so that your teams can make decisions based on accurate information and evidence.  Our intuitive toolset provides a 360 degree view of the data, putting the most important metrics in one place.


The real value of budgeting is only realised when your actuals come in – and your staff can easily see and understand the variances. Our reporting module supports daily, weekly and monthly financial reporting, allowing users to keep track of their actuals as they occur, while also providing tools to analyse this data against the existing budget.


In essence, the IDU-Concept Financial Reporting Module acts as a two-way interface between the budget and general ledger system. As an optional complement to the Financial Budgeting Module, it offers additional features for daily, weekly and monthly financial reporting.

Key Features

  • Variances explained by the user online

  • Drill down to transactional level

  • Optional view of image data, if supported by the ERP

  • Multiple structures provide multiple analysis views

  • Microsoft BI embraced but alternate BI strategies can be pursued

  • Configurable email alerts can be set

  • The most important metrics in one place, in real time and across devices

  • User identified recodes and accruals

  • Automatic recode uploads to financials

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