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Complex Consolidations Made Easy

Quick Consols is a financial consolidation tool aimed at group and complex companies. The cloud based software automates the consolidation of complex groups with multiple year ends, multiple currencies and multiple ERP systems with a slice and dice approach to reporting. It is an easy-to-use, cost effective platform that eliminates the reliance on spreadsheets, saving time and improving the decision-making process.


Full compatibility with everyday office systems

IDU has been a Microsoft Gold partner from the start. We develop in full compliance with Microsoft standards to ensure idu-Concept is always compatible with the systems and applications that keep your business running.

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ERP’s to service the SME to large corporate

Sage is one of the world’s leading accounting and financial management solutions for organisations of any size. IDU-Concept provides a streamlined planning and reporting solution to compliment your investment in Sage ERP.


Cost transparency and cost control

Magic Orange unleashes the power of deep allocation and cost transparency solutions within idu-Concept’s structured environment. Use Magic Orange to understand the true costs and profitability of complex shared services, trace costs all the way back to their drivers, and increase profitability.


Delivering idu-Concept in the cloud

IDU’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering is available through a partnership with Microsoft Azure, harnessing the power and scalability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.


Delivering idu-Concept in the cloud

IDU’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering is available through a partnership with Amazon Web Services, harnessing the power and scalability of the AWS Cloud Platform.

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Inventory Management

With over 10 thousand users in twenty countries, NETSTOCK manages over $12 billion in inventory. Minimize your stock outs, forecast with ease, reduce excess stock, place orders quicker. All this is offered by NETSTOCK, and delivered through user friendly dashboards, allowing management by exception.


Payment management

Paysoft delivers efficient, cost-effective electronic processing of payments and collections via their online portal, or via APIs for direct integration. Its secure and flexible solutions are scalable from small environments to large corporates. (At this stage, the service is only available within Southern Africa).


IFRS statements made easy

Draftworx removes the complexity of producing International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) financial statements. With a Draftworx integration, you can automatically generate up to 80% of the data you need for IFRS and XBRL requirements from inside idu-Concept, with a single click.  You can then fine tune for detailed compliance with statutory requirements inside a Draftworx environment.


Procurement Management and Spend Control

Fraxion adds a simple, highly effective spend control suite to idu-Concept's budgeting tools.  With Fraxion it's easy to create, review and approve procurement requests - and up-to-date spend information is always available.


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