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IDU-Concept’s Fixed Asset Management module gives you all the tools you need to control your assets and equipment. Use our web-based solution to manage new and existing assets, link assets to unique locations and conduct physical verifications, transfers and disposals of assets – all with a real-time view across the entire organisation. IDU-Concept interfaces directly with the fixed asset register to keep financial records up to date (subject to finance department review) and integrates with other modules to enhance performance management.

Asset Administrator

The Administrator Module gives the system administrator a powerful, extremely user-friendly toolkit to manage assets and their movement within the organisation.

With Asset Administrator you can define and maintain:

  • Multiple asset books

  • Multiple asset structures

  • Assets, asset reasons, asset location and asset groups

  • Break asset locations down below normal general ledger accounting levels

  • Multiple corporate structures

  • User access

User Interface

Provide visibility and transparency to your business users to interact and manage the assets for which they are responsible will enable them to:

  • Identify and create new assets for their locations

  • Manage the movement of assets between unique locations

  • Notify central management of disposals, losses or transfers

  • Perform asset verification

  • Facilitate asset reconciliation

Assets Compact

Assets Compact is a light-weight, user friendly and cost-effective extension to the Fixed Assets Management module for organisations who need to empower large numbers of users to manage assets under their control. These users typically don’t need the full functionality of the full module, but do need to be able to verify, initiate and accept asset transfers. This module is designed for mobile use.

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