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Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting


Empower your business, free your finance team

Tools to take your organisation beyond budgeting
  • What if budgeting was a way to reinvigorate your business, instead of a tedious annual chore?

  • What if the budget process empowered non-financial managers to own their financial performance?

  • What if your finance team spent more time on strategy and less time on bureaucracy?

At IDU, we turn the what-ifs into reality. Our budgeting, forecasting and reporting tools provide real-time, online access to critical financial information across your business.  We’ve designed it to be easy to use for everyone, including non-financial managers, to increase financial awareness, transparency and accountability across your business.

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Financial Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting

IDU-Concept can reduce your budget cycle from months to weeks by automating rote processes and empowering business managers to understand, control and account for their budgets more effectively. When the budget process is transparent throughout the organisation, accountability becomes real – and accountants become more valuable. We make accurate data and analysis easily available,  real-time, so your finance team is freed up to take on the role of trusted advisor to the business.

Sales Planning and Reporting

To date, sales budgets are still being prepared centrally, with little to no input from the end user. This can be time consuming and result in a lack of accuracy and efficiency. The IDU-Concept Sales Planning Module is specially designed to streamline the sales planning and reporting process. Using a highly accessible web-based toolset, users are able to capture sales budgets at a customer and product level with real-time aggregation and management.

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Fixed Asset Management

Our Fixed Asset Management Module gives users all the tools they need to take ownership of the assets and equipment under their control. Making transfers and conducting physical verifications with our web-based mobile friendly solution gives the business a real-time view of all its assets and their locations. IDU-Concept interfaces directly with the fixed asset register to keep financial records up to date, and integrates with other modules to enhance performance management procedures.

Financial Modelling

IDU-Concept’s Financial Modelling Module allows you to prepare for the future with “what-if” scenario planning. Define assumptions important for your business, link them to your accounts and departments and extrapolate up to five years into the future.

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Our Platforms - Your Choice

IDU-Concept is available in Light, Standard and Enterprise editions, with varying levels of functionality and complexity to meet your company’s specific requirements. It’s famously quick and easy to deploy – in fact, it can meet most client’s requirements out of the box. That means no extra time and expense to develop and implement customisations.

You can choose to deploy IDU-Concept on premise, in a private cloud of your choice or in our Microsoft Azure-based cloud —all the platforms offer exactly the same functionality. That means every client, no matter how large or small, can access the full IDU-Concept Suite on the platform best suited to their technology strategy.

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