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Powerful financial management solutions for improved decision making and business agility

Powerful financial planning across the agricultural sector

“IDU-Concept allows real-time, up to date analysis against budget enabling all divisional managers to track their progress and thus reduces month-end reporting processes as managers are able to review their results at any time in the month. The monthly board reporting now can involve all areas of the business simultaneously and has reduced the amount of time required to complete the review of the financials.”

Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of SA Inc.

"IDU has enabled us to complete our budget process much faster and more efficiently than we could do on spreadsheets. Users can access the system from their own PCs and capture budgets in realtime on the same platform. No need to struggle collating data from a multitude of spreadsheets manually.

IDU empowered us in a big way by building customized macro spreadsheets to upload our weekly calculated fruit volumes, sales revenue and distribution costs, production labour and material phasing etc. directly into the database, splitting costs and revenue directly back to the relevant profit centres. This is something that took us days to do in the past.

Apart from the vast improvement in budgeting, our weekly fruit volume forecasting is much improved by the use of customised spreadsheets. We can easily feed updated estimates into the system from each farm. Download them into the sales template, recalculate harvest and distribution weekly costs and feedback into the system to produce figures needed for weekly cash flow and margin forecasting."

Haygrove Heaven

Tools to take your organisation beyond budgeting

IDU is a leading budgeting, forecasting and reporting tool for the Agricultural sector with data analytics capabilities able to dramatically reduce budgeting turn around times, reduce the reliance on spreadsheets and drive accountability throughout the organisation.

A Named Leader in Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting

IDU-Concept has been named a leader in the budgeting and reporting category and a high performer in the Corporate Performance Management Categories of the G2 ™  Report, as well as being named one of the top financial planning applications by Gartner®.

Financial tools to empower managers at all levels of your organisation

IDU-Concept is an online, real-time, web-based budgeting platform that allows for multiple managers to work on the budget simultaneously while using the same set of assumptions.

Free Up Your Finance Team for Strategy with IDU Financial Modelling

IDU-Concept makes it easy to keep your budgets, forecasts, “what-if” scenarios and reports in ONE place and accessible from anywhere, anytime! Manage, collect, and access real-time financial data from a single system to save time, ensure consistency, and enable more efficient decision-making.

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