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Retailability recommends IDU without reservation

Retailability recommends IDU without reservation

Retailability (Pty) Ltd is a retailer of fashion apparel intended to offer fashionable in house and branded labels at low price points targeted at lower to middle income consumers in Southern Africa. The group comprises of three brands, namely Style, Legit and Beaver Canoe.

Together these brands operate over 430 stores across 6 countries in Southern Africa.

Retailability required a budgeting and reporting solution for their multi-currency and multiple ledger environment due to the lack of budgeting functionality and reporting limitations within SAGE 300. After an extensive evaluation process, they selected IDU.

The idu-Concept Reporting Module was implemented in October 2018 followed shortly by the Budgeting Module in December 2018.

The spec’ing, design, build and implementation process was efficiently and professionally managed and was delivered on time and within budget.” – Malcolm Smith, Chief Financial Officer.

The product is still new in our environment, but we are quickly learning and becoming familiar with it. Our reporting has been simplified and we are able to prepare our month end accounts in a much shorter time period, and with the peace of mind that the output is derived from a robust reporting system.

The Budgeting Module has been configured to our business requirements and has removed the challenges and frustrations we had previously encountered with Excel.

“I have found the IDU team to be highly professional and responsive to our needs and would recommend IDU without reservation.”

About Retailability (Pty) Ltd

Founded in 1984, Retailability (Pty) Ltd is a South African based group of retail brands including Legit, Beaver Canoe and Style. With over 430 stores across Southern Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zambia – Retailability prides itself in bringing authentic and affordable fashion to our customers.

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