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IDU supports The Santa Shoebox Project

It is hard to believe it is that time of year again already – for us it is the time when the IDU team support the Santa Shoebox Project, and this year we pledged more boxes than ever before.

IDU supports The Santa Shoebox Project

For those who don’t know what the SantaShoebox Project is all about; it is an amazing initiative that began in Cape Town 10 years ago. That first year, the Project collected 180 shoeboxes for children in orphanages, children’s homes and care centres locally. In the past 10 years the project has delivered 551 979 boxes to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia.

This is IDU’s 6th year participating; we encourage all our staff and our customers to get involved in any way they can and we personally delivered the shoeboxes as a company, to the drop off centre at the Cape Town Convention Centre. Some of our team members also volunteered their time to work at the drop off centre, where they received more than 66 000 boxes in one weekend. 

We really love that this project is so personal, allowing our team members to choose whether they want to spoil a boy or girl, a baby or a teenager; that we can learn the child’s name and shop for items with that specific child in mind. I think it makes it more special for the children as well, knowing they were specially chosen and everything was bought just for them.


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