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Innovative top-down budgeting and ‘what-if’ scenario planning from IDU

IDU, the corporate performance management (CPM) software company that transforms the budgeting, forecasting and reporting process for medium and large businesses, today announced the launch of its new Financial Modelling Module.

IDU’s Innovative Financial Modelling toolset delivers agility and clarity through the use of top-down and driver-based planning, which complements IDU's powerful bottom-up budgeting capability. Now more than ever finance departments are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver quick, accurate data and analysis to help their organisations shift.

Companies will now be able to access insights into the future of their business for up to 5 years using “what-if” scenario planning which can be manually defined or predicted using historic data and Artificial Intelligence.

The new Predictive Forecast Assumption type makes use of the latest AI technology to predict up to 5 year future values based on any available actual value historic trend data. The scenario calculations can be adjusted with customisable confidence percentages and trend intervals.

The assumption based forecast features allow you to prepare for the future with innovative scenario planning to accommodate changing assumptions in real-time.

Multiple assumptions can be set up and adjusted to calculate specific increases or decreases per year, per period. You can then link these assumptions to your accounts and departments, enabling real-time extrapolation up to five years into the future for multiple scenarios, such as optimistic, neutral and pessimistic.

“In this unprecedented time of tremendous uncertainty and change, decision-makers need the right tools to be able to run multiple scenarios and models and to be able to test the effects of each scenario to know what needs to be done, to achieve the best outcome for the business,” said Kevin Phillips, IDU co-founder and CEO.

Adapt your thinking and vision of your business’s financial future with Financial Modelling from idu- Concept.

Research house Gartner has named IDU one of the top financial planning applications for the last two years. IDU also receives regular accolades from review platforms like Capterra, Software Advice and G2 Crowd where customers have raved about IDU's rapid implementation process, its user-friendly nature, and the high levels of customer support.

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