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IDU users can now harness the power of Microsoft Power BI

IDU users can now harness the power of Microsoft Power BI

IDU users can now harness the power of Microsoft Power BI through the idu-Concept Reporting Module.

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that allow users to analyse data, visualise it, and then share insights in new intuitive ways. Users are able to create personalised dashboards, and view and share reports with other people in the organisation easily and quickly.

Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view of the data within the IDU database, putting the most important metrics in one place, in real time, and across devices. With one click, users can explore the data behind their dashboard using intuitive tools that make finding answers easy.

Users are also able to access data and reports from anywhere with the Power BI Mobile app for Windows, iOS, and Android. Get relevant up to date business data on the go – at the touch of their fingertips and at almost negligible additional software licencing costs.

Power BI easily integrates data from different sources and allows the creation of a self-service analysis environment that lets you navigate massive amounts of data from the highest to the lowest level of detail. You can also obtain multi-dimensional views of data and identify and analyse any sub-sets.

Power BI is user friendly and intuitive and with a little training and very little IT department involvement, users can quickly access data for themselves and turn it into the valuable information and analyses needed for decision-making.

Power BI allows for otherwise mundane data formats to be represented in a fresh, engaging manner, bringing the data to life. Discover patterns as you explore a single unified view of linked, interactive visualisations.

Capturing a budget or forecast is highly beneficial to a business’s budgeting process. However, the real value is only realised once the actual spend is brought to book and compared against the budget or forecast.

With the idu-Concept Reporting Module and the additional functionality now available in Power BI, it is easy for finance to keep track of expenses and analyse data against the existing budget or prior years in real-time. This in turn drives accountability throughout the organisation by delivering transparent, timely and detailed financial information to your business in a visual and relevant format.


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