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IDU receives Rising Star award from FinancesOnline

IDU receives Rising Star award from FinancesOnline

The team behind idu-Concept has worked tirelessly to provide businesses with a robust platform that simplifies and streamlines both financial budgeting and reporting, and we are glad to announce that our software has resonated well with users. B2B software review website FinancesOnline awarded idu-Concept with the Rising Star award for 2018 after we recorded a high 100 percent user satisfaction rating from their Customer Satisfaction Algorithm.

FinancesOnline utilizes its Customer Satisfaction Algorithm to determine the general perception of users about a product. It gathers the user reviews, opinions, and feedback of our users across the internet, including various social media channels. Because of our good traction with clients, we received the esteemed Rising Star award for best budgeting software. This distinction is given to new SaaS solutions on the market that are perceived as an efficient solution by clients, thus resulting in an increase in popularity for the product.

FinancesOnline also conducted a thorough review of our budgeting software. They highlighted several key benefits of our product such as accelerated budgeting and forecasting, detailed financial reports, easy tracking of assets, and effortless handling of administrative tasks, to name a few.

FinancesOnline also acknowledged that idu-Concept can indeed simplify various complex processes, so much so that they awarded us their Great User Experience award for 2018. This award is given to software solutions that provide users with powerful functionalities while ensuring that the software remains pleasing and easy to ease for facilitating one’s work processes. Features that allowed us to receive this award include our “plethora of smart forecasting and budgeting tools,” centralized financial information for easy access of financial data, and much more.

Make sure to visit the FinancesOnline website for the full review and try idu-Concept today.


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