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Idu-Concept Version 5 Update

Earlier this year, we introduced the new and improved Version 5 of our flagship product idu-Concept at our idu User Conference and we have been beta testing it at a client site for the last couple of months.

Technology has developed substantially over the past 10 years and we wanted to bring our software in line with the user requirements of today to make budgeting, forecasting and reporting even quicker and easier than before. At the heart of it, our software has remained true to its core objective, providing a user-friendly Financial Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting tool to both financial and non-financial managers.

Version 5 is sporting a fresh new look, with the user interface being completely redesigned to enhance the user experience both visually and technically, allowing better multi-tasking and time savings.

Building on the power of Version 4’s Bulk Edit screens, Version 5 provides rapid budget capture screens in all budget types. With in-line editing dramatically speeding up the budget capture process and expandable /collapsible columns allowing you to easily compare data, the end-user is empowered.

Budget capture screens also now feature auto save functionality, so you no longer need to hit the Save button, meaning no risk of losing unsaved changes; if Eskom kills your power halfway through your job, your work will still be there when it comes back up.

An extremely valuable addition is the ability to upload supporting documentation at every step of the budget process, allowing the provision of full motivation for budgeted values.

With Standard, Itemised, Allocation, Grade Remuneration and CAPEX (Depreciation) budget types all featuring export / import functionality, working off line has never been easier. You can now export data to excel, update the budget figures, and re-import it into the system once you are ready. The file format for importing data has been updated to .xlsx from .csv. What this means to you is no more dropped leading zeros, no more duplication and import functionality that was impossible using .csv files.

In our continued spirit of empowering all users of the system, the Admin module has brand new features, making system administration that much easier.

Watch our blog over the next few months as we delve a little deeper into these great new features and others available in idu-Concept Version 5.


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