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idu-Concept Version 5 – Tips & Tricks Part 3

Welcome back to our mini-series of tips, tricks and special features available in idu-Concept Version 5.

System administrators have brand new features to look forward to in the Admin module, making system administration so much easier.

Upon logging into the Admin module, the administrator is directed to the Home Page. The Home Page features a dashboard view of events which may require the attention of the system administrator. When any one of these events requires attention, the dashboard item for this area will be displayed in red, along with a message indicating what attention is required. The administrator can drill down to the page where the attention is required straight from the dashboard item or notification. If an area does not require attention, the dashboard item for this area will be displayed in green, indicating that no immediate attention is required.

A Ribbon Bar can be found on each page in the Admin module, which lists the common functions applicable to all pages: Add, Delete, Export, Print and Help. The user is also able to easily access the Home Page and Scheduled Tasks directly from this Ribbon Bar.

The Admin module’s menu tree has been redesigned in Version 5 in order to enhance its usability. The main menu items are now listed horizontally at the bottom of the screen, while the sub menu items are displayed vertically on the left. The vertical menu tree holds each menu item selection, so that the administrator no longer has to ‘hover’ from one menu item to the next, as was the case in Version 4.

Version 5 resolves the Version 4 problem with Errors on imports in Scheduled Tasks per Column; errors now show per row for columns. Where previously an administrator would fix a column, then import the fix and then go back and correct more errors for another column; now all problem columns are displayed and a once-off fix can solve import challenges.

The Generic Lists in Admin can now be exported and the data and existing format can be used for immediate import into the normal Admin Import functionality; except for Member Remuneration at this stage. We are also busy with an exciting new project to minimise the number of member remuneration imports.

For any Admin Imports the user can now add any columns to a template, for example to perform calculations, and these extra columns will NOT fail in an import; the system’s intelligence will ignore columns that are not valid. Client specific tokens (Alternate Labels in V4) will also now show in the headers of the imports.

We look forward to seeing you at our conference next month and taking you through all of these tips and tricks and more in person!


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