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idu-Concept Version 5 – Tips & Tricks Part 1

As promised not so long ago, we are sharing a few nifty tips, tricks and special features available in idu-Concept Version 5.

To begin with, let’s look at some of the new features that empower users, creating more autonomy and less dependence on administrators.

Where previously you needed to interrupt an administrator and wait for them to make the changes, now you can do all of the following yourself –

  1. You can resize any of your layout profile columns simply by dragging

  2. With a click on your user name, you can set your own themes, language and reset your password

  3. You can also set your layout profile field settings per field type (these settings are kept for when you log back in again); meaning you can work in the way that works best for you

Click Less!

With our new module selector, you can open multiple modules and compare data on screen; with multiple tabs the data is a single click away.

  1. Capturing in Budget types also has a few less clicks

  2. You can drilldown on a budget capture view and all budget types are grouped in their own tabs

  3. When you drilldown on an account, all the rest is in one screen

  4. Capture per line/month

  5. Should you drilldown into an account from the original or Classic View, you are able to see and perform the following on screen (with no more drilldown clicks)

    1. Capture onscreen

    2. View value percentages

    3. View comparatives

And finally for this month, one of our best contributions to a better overall system: multiple years linked to your fiscal set.

This allows you to budget or forecast into future or any other fiscal sets linked up with your Base Fiscal set. This makes capturing into multiple fiscal sets easy; you no longer have to log out of one and into another. Even if you need to budget or forecast from a certain period onwards, we have a right-click context menu function (to apply to all going forward). This context menu functionality also allows you to change the spread factor.

For more on the new V5 functionality, keep an eye out for our Tips & Tricks Part 2!


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