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Finance teams love IDU

The internet has brought many things to our fingertips, even more so over the past year, from buying groceries to hosting meetings, homeschooling children, and researching the best products and solutions for your home and business.

As the demand for connected financial management solutions increases, so too does the reliance on honest, reputable testimonials and reviews of these accounting products as they guide and reinforce the customer purchase journey.

We are always delighted and amazed when our customers take time out of their busy days to write a review about idu-Concept and their experience of working with our team, and over the years this has earned us many accolades and badges on review platforms like The Gartner Market Guide, G2 Crowd, Software Advice, and Capterra.

And so with Valentines' fever still fresh in the air, we thought we would share our most recent client testimonial with you so that you can see why your peers love IDU and how our solution empowers their Budgeting, Reporting, and Forecasting process and their team and business as a whole.

“I would highly recommend IDU to other corporates based on the positive impact it has had on our business and how it has improved our budgeting and reporting processes. Since implementing IDU we have experienced improved accuracy, ownership, and transparency within our organisation.

I have been working with the IDU team for over 5 years now, and they are a really valuable partner to our business. Their team are always available when you need them, they are friendly and supportive and show a genuine interest in the success of our business.

We feel there is a great fit with the IDU brand, at BURGER KING® there is an authentic family feel and we get that same sense with the team from IDU, there is a great culture fit.” - Chryzanthia de Waal, Finance Executive - BURGER KING® South Africa.

You can watch Chryzanthia’s video interview here

For more testimonials and reviews on IDU visit our Customers Page or the IDU Review pages on Capterra, G2, Or Software Advice


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