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Empowering Partners: IDU Launches Comprehensive New Partner Program

Cape Town, South Africa 6 June 2023 - IDU, a leading provider of budgeting, forecasting, and variance analysis tools, is excited to announce the launch of its new Distribution Partner Program. This program provides an array of benefits to help partner organisations transform their clients' financial management strategies with a top-notch FP&A solution.

“In today's constantly evolving business landscape, access to real-time financial data has become crucial. With IDU's best-in-breed FP&A solution, partners will be able to provide their customers with the necessary tools to enable accurate and timely financial insights, empowering them to make informed decisions quickly.” Kevin Phillips, CEO of IDU.

IDU Distribution Partners will gain access to leading-edge budgeting, forecasting, and reporting tools. IDU provides comprehensive training and certification to ensure that partners have the expertise needed to promote, sell and support IDU's solutions effectively. In addition, IDU's sales and marketing support offers a wealth of resources, including marketing materials, video libraries, case studies, as well as experienced pre- and post-sales support, to help partners succeed in the marketplace.

The program also offers regular partner engagement, including One-on-One partner meetings, monthly Empower Half-Hour sessions, quarterly online partner meetings, and a regular partner newsletter email, providing partners with all the latest partner-specific content, product information, and success stories.

Partnering with IDU not only increases revenue streams through the sale of software and services but also provides discounted access to IDU's financial management solutions for internal use.

"We understand the importance of strong partnerships, and our program is committed to providing partners with the necessary training, support, and engagement to succeed," added Margie Whitten, CRO IDU.

To become a partner or learn more about IDU's Distribution Partner Program, please reach out to us on or visit Let's work together to transform financial management for your clients.

About IDU

IDU was created in 1997 by accountants and financial systems specialists to deliver innovative software solutions for budgeting and financial reporting across all standard ERP and financial systems. The flagship product, IDU-Concept, is specifically designed to simplify and speed up financial management with budgeting, forecasting & reporting tools that are accessible to non-financial managers.

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