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CRAN highly recommends IDU

CRAN highly recommends IDU

CRAN is the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia and regulates telecommunication services and networks, broadcasting services, postal services and the use and allocation of radio spectrum.

CRAN uses the Financial Budgeting, Financial Reporting and Analytics Modules of IDU. They purchased the system in April 2014, after looking for a cost effective, online financial management solution, that would allow them to easily administer the system with little ongoing IT support.

“IDU is a user-friendly system with amazing functionalities. The software has really made our work processes more efficient.” Says Maria Moses Manager: Management Accounting at CRAN.

CRAN has found idu-Concept Administrator simple to manage and use, there has been no need for IT or system development skills and very little need for ongoing support. Managing their own system has meant a huge cost saving to their business.

“The IDU helpdesk is very efficient and any user queries are addressed as soon as possible”

CRAN have been particularly impressed with the Recodes and Accruals functionality within the IDU Reporting modules.

IDU's Recode functionality allows users to request the reallocation of journal entries posted to the general ledger directly from the Financial Reporting Module and the Accruals functionality allows the user to have the ability to create accrual entries at a cost centre level for items that they feel have not been accounted for.

“I would highly recommend IDU, the system offers functionalities that meet the needs of businesses, it is highly responsive and also very cost effective”


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