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Financial Dashboard by idu-Concept

World-Class Financial Dashboards & Reporting

All part of IDU-Concept's leading budgeting and planning solution.


Real-Time Dashboard Insights into Your Business

Make sense of your data with IDU-Concept's financial dashboard.  Our dashboard automatically syncs, providing real-time updates into the reality of your business.  Get a broad overview and snapshot of time with customizations that make sense.  All the power and flexibility you need to engage finance and non-finance leaders in your planning.

IDU Dashboard

IDU-Concept Features

See everything in one place on the dashboard and delve into each unique situation and cost category from there.  Move the discussion away from budget deadlines and gain valuable team input on next moves.  IDU-Concept helps the managers be accountable for and take pride in their departments.

What Users Are Saying



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Leave Behind Spreadsheets for Modernized Modelling & Financial Dashboards

Get more than just a financial dashboard.  Plan for the future with IDU's financial modelling integration.  Create multiple scenarios with 'What if' planning by defining assumptions important for your business and linking them to your accounts and departments.  See modelled scenarios up to 5 years in the future.

What People are Saying

It is a very user-friendly product, easy to understand and maintain.  The dashboards in the admin and user sites are very helpful ....

- Antionette V., Director - Education Management

Started using the system in 2014.  It is a user friendly system with amazing functionalities.  It has really made our work processes more efficient.  The support/helpdesk is very efficient as Users' needs/queries are addressed as soon as possible.

- Maria M., Manager - Management Accounting

Schedule a demo to learn how to cut your budgeting time by 50%, visualize your data from the dashboard outward and start transforming your financial planning and budgeting.

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