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Sales & Operational Planning and Forecasting

Are you still preparing your S&OP budgets centrally? Time to change!


Idu-Concept harnesses the knowledge and expertise of teams on the ground to make your S&OP budgeting more accurate and efficient—and increase ownership and buy-in.


Our online, easy-to-use performance management tool allows users to capture revenue budgets at a customer and product level, with real-time aggregation and management.

Key Features

  • Shave weeks or months off your budget cycle

  • Budget by customer and product with a seamless link to the financials

  • Drive multiple component calculations from a single input

  • Enable component-based complex calculations

  • Enable flow-through calculations

  • Empower sales and operational teams to take ownership of their budgets

  • Analyse budgets and forecasts in real time, by multiple structures

  • Create sales budgets and sales targets simultaneously

  • Input budgets top-down or bottom-up

  • Include the setup of  BOMs to generate production volumes and costs based on the revenue projections

Sales & Operational Planning Reporting

Build ownership of the budget by enabling users to comment on and analyse variances between planned and actual revenue outcomes. The idu-Concept S&OP Reporting Module is a two-way interface between the budget and S&OP ledger systems, allowing for real-time interaction with revenue data. Daily, weekly and monthly revenue information can be communicated directly to managers via the web. 

Key Features

  • Sales staff can view, analyse, comment on and react to actual versus budget variances

  • Conduct interactive reviews with employees and customers

  • Flexible screen design means each user sees only what they need to see

  • Analyse variances by multiple structures

  • Compare actual vs budget in units and in values

  • Layout profiles allow onscreen analysis of variances by price and volume

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