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IDU’s 10th Annual Conference – Futurescapes

IDU’s 10th Annual Conference – Futurescapes

On the 28th February and 1st March 2019 Financial Managers, Financial Accountants, IT Managers and Financial Administrators from a wide range of companies, industries and countries will again gather for two full days of conferencing at the 10th Annual IDU User Conference 2019. The conference will be held at the Marriott Hotel, Crystal Towers, Century City, and we expect a record turn out to this event.

Attendees will be introduced to exciting new features and modules of idu-Concept; learn all the tricks and tips to maximise their use of the system and be able to attend in depth training sessions, where delegates can attain full IDU administrator accreditation certificates for topics such as Employee Remuneration Budgeting and Reporting and Analytics.

CEO Kevin Phillips will share the IDU Development Roadmap for 2019, and attendees will be able to provide input to influence the final result.

There will also be one on one access to IDU system experts and one on one meetings with IDU Consultants; exciting expert guest speakers and the chance to network and exchange ideas and best practice learnings with some of the best minds in the business.

The theme for the conference is Futurescapes. In today’s turbulent world, one of the few things you can count on is constant and rapid change. Responsive budgeting and real time access to the numbers ensures your business is able to adapt quickly when necessary.

IDU is constantly striving to innovate its cutting-edge software to provide financial management solutions that keep your business up to date – now and in the future. 

Each year we put together an impressive list of guest speakers. And this one will be no different. We are excited to welcome Sameer Rawjee as the first guest speaker appearing on day 1 of the conference. Sameer built his first Ed Tech company in university, which later became the core technology for a Mark Zuckerburg backed institution. He furthered his studies in Business and Design Thinking at University of Toronto and then went off to work for Google’s Headquarters. Sameer founded the Life Design Lab at Google to study Human Purpose at Work, where there are more than 3000 Google employees from more than 50 countries enrolled. He is now the CEO of O School where he helps companies, like Soundcloud and Barclays, design their organizations for The Next Workforce – and where he helps High Schools adopt the Mars Curriculum to prepare their students for the Future of Work.

Registration is now open and there are limited spaces available, so go online to and click on the conference link to reserve your spot today. What’s more, delegates who register and pay before the end of November 2018 will receive a 10% early bird discount.


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