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idu-Concept Spend Management

idu-Concept Spend Management is a comprehensive solution and a sophisticated add-on to most accounting and ERP solutions. It complements and extends the functionality of existing systems, increasing the combined value of the systems beyond the investment made.

This solution helps your company to work smarter, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in a centralised, paperless environment. It seamlessly links organisations that have geographically dispersed branches and divisions via web browser. The technology automates the full spending and procurement cycle and streamlines the purchase-to-pay process while providing end-to-end visibility.

The web-based, user-friendly interface is simple to navigate and requires minimal training and the EDGE License model enables 90 to 100% of an organisation to use the system, either directly or through third parties. This allows you to empower your employees to operate within their delegated mandate, without losing financial control.

The application makes a notable difference to your ability to manage all of the below:

– Purchase & Payables – Expense Claims – Projects

– Capital Expenditure Management

– Petty Cash Management

– Travel Management

– Invoice Management

– Payment Management

– Supplier Management

– Leave Management

– Catalogue Management

– Receipting Management

– Quotation Management

– Credit Note Management

– Document Management

Savings in time and costs will transfer directly to the bottom line in an increase in operating profits. Most clients achieve quantifiable ROI within 6 months of deployment and continue to experience savings moving forward. It also allows SMEs to experience the same ROI benefits as large corporates.

The system allows you to make informed decisions by generating on-demand, real-time reports for detailed spend visibility and analysis. Accruals are visible at a glance, enabling you to provide for expenditure before it is incurred. Detailed reports provide insight into all spending behaviour and budgets, including committed spend.

idu-Concept Spend Management is a certified third party application that leverages the power of the industry leading Fraxion Spend Management application. Allowing you to take control of your cash flow by authorising expenditure before it is incurred; it will save you money and increase your efficiency dramatically.


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