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Powerful financial management solutions for improved decision making and business agility

Powerful financial planning across not-for-profit organisations

“IDU has brought about a change in how we manage expenses and our budgets, and the reporting has been a revelation to us. It has helped us be more accountable to our donors, the people who work with us and those who entrust us with their money.”

Zanele Dhludhlu, Finance Director MSF Doctors Without Borders

"IDU has afforded our College the ability to implement and enforce good financial governance, provide transparency of financial information, enable internal and external bench marking per campus or per region and to instil a culture of financial accountability at all management levels. IDU has made the planning of future growth so much simpler as the relevant assumptions and their dependencies are setup in the system, expediting forecasting and scenario analysis."

Bobbette van Zyl, Australian Industry Trade College, Head of Central Services

“Working with IDU has been hugely beneficial to the way in which we manage our business. Every branch supervisor right through to the CEO has access to IDU-Concept and actively reviews information relevant to their needs, as staff members understand the capability of the tool and the new level of transparency they have around their businesses, the normal response is disbelief at the amount of access to information they have.”

Carl Learson, Challenge Community Services, then CFO

“We have some managers who are less confident around computers and I was nervous about their uptake, but they just loved IDU-Concept and found it very exciting. They found it less daunting than a spreadsheet and they enjoy the fact that they can comment on each budget item. IDU-Concept also gives Community Living the ability to prepare quarterly forecasts, something that was never achievable with spreadsheets. Quarterly forecasts give the business greater information about its expected financial results for the financial year. IDU-Concept also assists decision making, as it enables us to easily model the financial effects of changes.”

Sharon Muller, Community Living Trust, then CFO

Tools to take your organisation beyond budgeting

IDU is a leading budgeting, forecasting and reporting tool for Not-For-Profit organisations with data analytics capabilities able to dramatically reduce budgeting turn around times, reduce the reliance on spreadsheets and drive accountability throughout the organisation.

A Named Leader in Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting

IDU-Concept has been named a leader in the budgeting and reporting category and a high performer in the Corporate Performance Management Categories of the G2 ™  Report, as well as being named one of the top financial planning applications by Gartner®.

Financial tools to empower managers at all levels of your organisation

IDU-Concept is an online, real-time, web-based budgeting platform that allows for multiple managers to work on the budget simultaneously while using the same set of assumptions.

Free Up Your Finance Team for Strategy with IDU Financial Modelling

IDU-Concept makes it easy to keep your budgets, forecasts, “what-if” scenarios and reports in ONE place and accessible from anywhere, anytime! Manage, collect, and access real-time financial data from a single system to save time, ensure consistency, and enable more efficient decision-making.

Ready to get started?

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